When to See a Traumatologist

Traumatology – intended to study all approaches to prevent in order to find methods of treatment for diseases in connection with tendons, bones and muscles. This branch of medicine closely interacts by using these areas as orthopedics, neurosurgery and sports medicine.

The principle task of traumatology would be to return patients to some normal, measured life pain free as well as other restrictions in movement as soon as possible. Traumatology in Kiev around the left bank practices treatment with conservative methods without the presence of surgery.

Typically the most popular and customary forms of injuries

The crazy rhythm of life, the rapid growth and development of various traumatic sports and a large number of technical means a few of the reason why that significantly increase the number of people with injuries. They could be conditionally split up into three groups:

– Household injuries. Bills . the remainder, these occupy a top place. Often these are generally open wounds. Could also be dislocations and sprains.

– Injuries received at work. Fall from great heights, electric shock or chemical burn.

– Injuries received in sports. In gymnastics, the upper limbs suffer, in football the low limbs, in tennis players it is the elbow joints, and volleyball and basketball players usually injure the fingers.

Diagnosing diseases

As well as treatment, traumatologists also diagnose a particular disease. To accomplish this, many studies are carried out using various methods using ultrasound, x-rays or computed tomography, so that you can view the current state of the bones or joints.

When should you visit a traumatologist?

It is very important listen to the body so that you can hear the 1st messages for visiting specialists in time. The most typical are:

– injuries who have led, or may lead to deformities from the limbs;
– the look of a crunch within the neck, legs or arms;
– various painful sensations inside the bones, muscles or joints;
– deterioration of joint mobility;
– Difficulty in movements after sleep or long rest;
– swelling in the extremities.

Major diseases from the musculoskeletal system
Any disorders which can be associated with the musculoskeletal system can be conditionally separated into two groups:

Independent or they are also called primary – arthrosis and arthritis.

Secondary – arise because of a previous illness, that the wrong treatment was chosen you aren’t completed until complete recovery.

A traumatologist helps in the treatment of varying numbers of complexity of diseases.

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